Facebook Friendly

How many places have you been where you can; have so many conversations going on at the same time,  have so many introductions to new friends, and so much current event info available simultaneously, while messaging a buddy about your tee time?

Now ad the valuable benefit of being able to introduce your profession to all of these contacts and you have a great place to hang out for business and pleasure.

Can you really make it work for yourself?  Yes, absolutely.  You can accomplish anything with a little help from your friends.  We are here to inspire your online marketing friends to share your benefits.

Being the largest social network (1.35 billion users) Facebook is a trend setter that dominates the social media community.  Check out this chart for the full top 10 social media networks worldwide courtesy of Statista.


Building a community on Facebook is a multi-stage process with a recipe that is simple and reliable.  The first step is to determine “Why” you want to be on Facebook.  You might think that is an easy answer, but “yes” is simply a quick answer and will not suffice when it comes to long term social media success.

“Why” you participate in a social media community to weigh heavily on providing value.  People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care is a core subjective component to social media.  The opposite of this thinking is summed up in one word. “Haters”, those people who criticize condemn and complain about everything.  The checks and balances within a social media community are not always visible until they have been violated at which time the community transforms into a mob and disciplines the “hater”.

Value, is what you want to bring to Facebook.  Spend some time pondering the value you can bring to the community and no matter how long it might take you to pin point, fine tune and decide on your “Why” for joining the community you will be rewarded.  Be Patient.


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