First Impressions | The Online Foundation

Before your “first impression” is “your beginning”. Take time to learn, train, practice, and perfect; this all leads up to your grand opening.

Spend little money on social media marketing until you get ready for your grand opening. This is where you make your first impression until then you go un-noticed including your mistakes and that is a good thing.

You should have identified your business as “cookie cutter” or “unique character” (as discussed in the Marketing Channels article) then decide what social media platform you want to learn first. Know that you will need to learn them all. Once you have decided what social media platform you want to learn first. Go create a Twitter account. Why, you ask should I create a twitter account when I want to learn Facebook first? Simple, Twitter is the top of the funnel, the peak of the mountain, for fast communication it will help you connect to more communities and direct more traffic on a larger basis than any other form of social media. It’s good to know what you like, but it’s better to know what will serve you best in the beginning. Start with Twitter, you can do your first choice second.

I don’t personally favor Twitter; I favor Twitter because it has earned the right to be favored. I don’t really like cutting my best thoughts down to 140 characters, actually less because of the bitly link that is needed. But the skill gives me the ability to jump on major trending topics more quickly than any other social media tool. “Twitter is the most powerful distributor of spontaneous topics and events! Twitter is People.” Will Kautz

Consider that traditional marketing firms farm the Great Plains, they are flat and easy. Online marketing firms farm the plains, the steep slopes of the Rocky Mountains and everything in between. Online Marketing gives you access to every fruitful community on the planet no matter what their location. Before you rule out any community look at all the new possibilities you have and look for over lapping benefits, potential referral sources. Twitter (the biggest plow) can get you into more communities faster.

If obscurity is your challenge that is the very reason to hire us! Today not Tomorrow schedule a time to talk so we can discuss how you can become the trend!