Online Marketing Confidence

Technology industries keep our egos in check. Don’t they?

Online Marketing is no different. With so many facets you might feel that you are in a never ending always changing environment and you are right.  So how does Executive Advisors simplify technology so you feel confident?  We train you; first we invest time in research, looking for subtle factors or tell tale signs of what buyers are attracted to in your industry, second we identify your needs and provide you with solutions, third we show you why we did what we did so you can follow up and follow through on your own.

Think about the TV show called “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” where the challenge is to answer questions from elementary school. Those answers you have already learned but not had much need for lately so they fall into the dusty area of the memory files. This is representative of marketing when you begin to connect it to technology especially online technologies.

“LEARN a component of online marketing and you will over time learn them all, including how they integrate and support each other, because you are already smart.”

Get back to the basics of what you have learned. Build on a solid foundation. Continue to learn as you go.  Many times one of my very intelligent children, who range from 28 to 35 years younger than I, have approached my situations with “DUH, Dad” because the solution was easy or obvious to them? The fact is I knew the answer but was too close to the trees to see the forest. Children decide more quickly because they trust their instincts and have less in the area of experiences to filter their decisions through. What I really needed to do was refresh my memory and I would have had the answer I needed.

Who can you think of that is younger, intelligent, creative and conquering technologies and marketing? Mark Zuckerberg is 31 years old, and worth 43.8 billion. Larry Page is 42 years old, and worth 29.8 billion. Jack Dorsey is 38, and worth 2.5 billion. Evan Williams is 43, and worth 3 billion.

Instead of trying to master online marketing, strive to understand and apply what you understand. Successful results are more important than mastering a tool that will be redesigned and change next month.  Expect there to be constant change and you will be ready for it.  Learn to predict where changes might be made or directions a social media company might go.  Feeling smart in the online marketing industry is a result you acquire when you are absolutely confident that no matter what changes are thrown into the market place you will have an application to serve your clients with. When you continually earn their trust by providing value they will all refer you because you are smart. Therefore you will feel smart, because you are smart. Which brings us around to the beginning fact that you already are smart and what you remember from 5th grade is irrelevant.

So when it comes to having Online Marketing Confidence simply do what has always worked in the past (just do ten times more of it).  Meet people, make a good first impression, find similar interests, identify common ground, find a want, need or desire, provide the solution, follow up and follow through.

An organized online sales strategy builds confidence. Set an appointment so we can discuss your organized online sales strategy.