Online Marketing Foundation

Do you want to last? Build a strong online marketing foundation. Make it Web Flexible. Market Responsive. Enjoyable. Lasting.

The Framework of your online marketing is the connections between your communities.  Your communities are the buildings, parks, and key points of a city.  You travel to communities by using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp, YouTube, Google+, etc.  These tools help you navigate, meaning attract and make connections.

Being Market Responsive means Listen.  Listen to what visitors are telling you, listen to what is trending in your industry, listen to what is trending in related industries, and look for how they connect to major trends.  This sounds overwhelming and it can be, so let me make it simple.  Find one or two major trends that are connected to a market related to yours. Read a cross section of posts and articles or watch a couple of videos looking for how they attract the people that might want to do business with you and how they are connecting to your market.  Now, summarize what you read and post it.

Are brochures effective.  Yes, they are definitely part of the framework.  Although, in todays marketing strategies they should not be used to communicate specifics.  But more so to communicate your “Why”, your brand, give testimonials and have a call to action.

How many times have you designed, printed and distributed marketing materials that you could not track and worse yet found a box of them in the marketing department storage closet… “well we got to busy with the next project” and those left overs are right next to the box you just opened?  Never again.  Seriously.  Work with us and that will NEVER happen again! Because if it does we will buy your left overs!

Being Web Flexible means design everything to point back to your online destinations your website and your YouTube channel which are your Online Marketing Foundation.  Your social media accounts will be rest stops and will also point visitors to a destination.  For example, you might have a Facebook Fan Page.  Your Fan Page is a rest stop that attracts and acquires community members and through a call to action ultimately points them to one of your destinations.  Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Pinterest, and Instagram are relationship building and soft sell tools if you respect that and they will benefit you. Use Twitter hash tags to make announcements which direct suspects and prospects to your communities (rest stops) where they can get to know you and decide if they want to continue to your website or YouTube channel (your Foundation).

The internet is the highway, social media is the vehicle, content marketing is the fuel, communities are digital neighborhoods, websites and video channels – these destinations are your Foundation.

Framework connects them.

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