Online Marketing Performance

Optimized content, images, and videos, with an appealing Call To Action will improve your overall marketing performance.

There has never been a more efficient way to measure performance than with software.  Code gives us the ability to track, query and gather then assimilate, evaluate, and meditate and then strategize.  This is good and bad.  Good that we have so much information available we are better able to target our marketing dollars.  Bad that we have so much information available that many are overwhelmed into paralysis via analysis.

There will never be an end to the variables you could consider, BUT since there is an end to the attention you receive from visitors you need to make decisions in your strategy sessions and follow up with quick action.

You will find that your best performance comes from consistent publishing of fresh content.  This is your GREATEST ASSET!  Fresh content, 400 to 500 words a day and of course it must be relevant and beneficial with a bit of salt.  This is going to give your visitors a reason to stay or go, to come back or forget.  This is what you want.

Visitors have a reason for visiting it’s ok to ask them to take action.  If they don’t want to take action they might still be evaluating and the salt in your content will cause them to return, or they may fall into the category of go and forget.

Performance = the action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function.

You take action by publishing content.  You task your visitors to make a decision by giving them content that leads to a call to action (CTA) with their decision you have accomplished the function of categorizing them.  By categorizing them you have now accomplished another task, you have identified prospects and “no’s”.

Are you an online marketing performer?  Are you SUCCESSFUL?

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