Limbic Marketing | The Online Marketing Wild Fire

Everything is new and fast and the device you bought yesterday … well… sorry about that two year plan because your device already out dated. That’s extreme but you know what I mean.

Change is mandatory.

The exponential growth with internet marketing and social media communities requires that you think in 4D, not 3D, 4D. Think in 4D when it comes to your business and you will dominate your industry.

Limbic Marketing is the fourth dimension that you have been missing in your marketing.

  1. Why = the Zero Dimension
  2. Communities are the Relationship Dimension
  3. Leveraging Assets is the Whatever It Takes Dimension
  4. Attitude creates the Hyper-growth Dimension

Get your head around this concept, and you will dominate your industry.

The Zero Dimension is the focal point for all beginnings.  Knowing “Why” you do what you do is the source for success.  You must be able to describe “Why” you do what you do so the people around you will have the clarity they need to deliver what you ask of them.  This applies to investors, employees, vendors, clients, referral partners, networking associates, and everyone else.

Social Media Communities, the “relationship dimension”, have proven to the world that they are in control of who becomes successful and who disappears.   Congregating online, people who join these communities have made themselves aware of this fact and they realize that they truly have to power to direct and control business.  They are also the most pure and powerful form of marketing – Word of Mouth Marketing – how every business has grown and stood the test of time.  Are you enlisting their strength?  Do you have a community?

Assets are catalysts that inspire and you must identify and eliminate liabilities as soon as possible.  Leveraging Assets is the “whatever it takes dimension”.  People are not only your greatest asset, but truly your only source for solutions.  Think about it, behind every mechanical or technology problem that you encounter is a person who can provide the solution.  Learn how to leverage your assets.  I did not say and do not mean use people.  I said leverage them.  There is a big difference.  Within your company you have people who have strengths in areas you are not aware of, because you don’t know them well enough.  Find peoples strengths and pay them for those strengths.  This is less expensive than hiring someone and training them.

Market Domination is the only attitude to work with in business.  Competition is mediocrity and mediocrity is failure.  So many businesses are just getting by, that is why the phrase “my business owns me” is heard.  Business executives spend to much time considering what their competition is doing and trying to beat them.  If the attitude is to just beat them then you will always be dealing with them.  If your attitude is to dominate your industry then you will leave everyone else who does what you do in the dust and you will not have any more competition.

How does this apply to marketing?

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How can you set yourself apart?

Are you sick of book smart, people stupid people?

Where do you rank in your industry; Dominator, Successful, Average, Barely getting by?

Why are you in business? (200 words minimum) DO THIS NOW!

What is the most important result to you?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

Who are you, why should anyone hire you, what do you bring to the table, are you a real asset?