Project Management

Preventing the details from falling through the cracks is crucial for a project manager to be successful.

The question is – Can we get this done in time with all the people that need to be involved and really include everything we need?  Yes, you can.  Get organized, stay organized and prepared.  With a clear plan of action, assignment of tasks and efficient group communications you will be able to set a completion date that everyone can have confidence in meeting.

The Plan of Action:
Gathering all your tasks and assigning them an estimated time for completion, identifying who will be on the project, and who will be responsible for the milestones.

Assignment of Task:
We use an online project management tool that keeps everyone abreast of their due dates, task discussions, uploaded files for the project or individual tasks.   As your project progresses you will have the ability to see a full screen view of the project that allows you to see how some tasks are being completed ahead of others and be able to drag them into a different order to change the schedule and keep the project moving smoothly, preventing conflicts and staying on track.

Group Communication:
You will see notifications of responses to or comments on your task posts, emails, uploaded files, and modifications to tasks that apply to you.  When you work on a task you can make specific notes to someone and have them notified via email.  If you are waiting for someone to review a completed task or provide you with additional information post the specifics and notify them via email.

Time Management:
When you log into the project management system and begin working on your task click on the clock icon and log how much time the task took to be completed.  Now you have a record of how long this task took and the ability to plan better in the future when the same task needs to be completed on a different project.

Project Management:
“applying processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to what you need to DO to accomplish your tasks”

How much work is going to go into building your processes? How much work is going to be expended validating your methods? What about project participant skill sets – do you have what you need or do you need to fill in some gaps?  As professionals we look for the gaps – the weak links – and how to fill them.  I find that teams are smart enough to acquire the desired results but sometimes need someone to clarify details or help them focus on their strongest skill sets and find others with the desired skills that are missing.  Experience knows to establish checks and balances along with fresh perspectives and that is how we can serve you.

We can learn about your business and what you want to accomplish and then bring to the team everything else described above.  If you hire us we will be a tremendous value to your business.  We define value as; delivering a quality product, providing quality service and charging a fair price.