Twitter Power

Twitter: THE most powerful distributor of new information! Twitter is Fast.  Like RIGHT NOW fast!

Span the world, eliminate boarders, ALL boarders!  The infamous “#” hash tag has made the delivery of new information and feedback on that information ubiquitous.  By eliminating every type of segregation we are now able to connect personalities and perspectives across the globe without any prejudgment.

These are some popular entrepreneurial hash tags (#Entrepreneur #Business #Mindset #Startup #WontStop #Lifestyle #Wealth #Success #Freedom #Hustle #Passion #Dreams) where in your marketing efforts have you been able to stand at the edge of a circle and ease your way into a conversation?

Twitter gives you the ability to do just that.  Using a hash tag with your thought catches peoples attention and they might favorite your post or re-tweet your post, this is basic social media knowledge and odds are that you know this.

I find (in business) that even when we know something if we are not acting upon that knowledge with determination to profit the “aha moment” has not occurred.  The reverse sequence of the sales cycle: profits, sales, customers, prospects, marketing, offering, idea, find a need.  In your marketing if you are not embracing Twitter as a core information distribution tool for your business then you have not experienced that “Twitter aha moment”.

Build a following on Twitter by posting comments of value and use at least five hash tags in each post.

Write an incredibly good article about your offering and publish it on your website who is going to see it… very few.  BUT if you publish it on your website, research and find the most popular Twitter hash tags for your topic, write 20 unique short comments about your topic and give the hash tags the majority of the characters in the tweet you will drive people to your website. Everyday re-post your previous posts because the lifespan of a twitter post is 18 minutes most of your follower are not going to see it the first time but they will if you spread out the posts.  Hit different times of the day that people might be checking their alerts… early morning, noon, end of day, break times – 9am, 10am, 2pm, 3pm, shut down times – 8pm 10pm.  Watch the traffic impressions, total engagements, favorites and re-tweets that your post receives and you will see how quickly your posts is pushed off the page and needs to be re-posted.  You will also see when the community that you want to join is active.  Also, pay attention to the wording and which post works best for favorites, re-tweets, and acquiring new followers.

Its easy to talk about this stuff but some times you just need some customized applications or templates written for your business.  We can help you with that.