Website Navigation

Website navigation is your opportunity to retain your visitors and cover the key points that talk about the value of your benefits.

Why do you want someone to visit your website?  This is the first question you must answer before you can produce a successful navigation process on your website.  If you know why you want someone on your website then you will know exactly what they need to see, hear and read if you are going to be able to lead them to the destination you want to show them.

Traditional navigation is about as effective as a mega horn.  You might get some wanderer clicks but they will ultimately spend more time searching your menus and reading your content before they get frustrated and leave.

Would you like someone to flow through your website reading and understanding why you do what you do and how you can benefit them?  Of course you do that is what we all want.  Give people the ability to navigate your website based on the points that you make.

Notice where I have given you additional clarifications and options to dive deeper into a point that I have made, for example; “successful navigation”, “wanderer clicks”, and “flow through” will each take you to another point and benefit of what I want to communicate.

What is the most important topic that you need to communicate to your visitors? Once you have identified that topic to yourself and to them create content to support that communication effort.  Your next step is to think of all the related topics that can support your main topic and create content that describes the connection to your main topic and then clarifies the benefit of your main topic.

Navigation is no longer a line of words at the top or on any side of your page.  Navigation is strategy that you will use to continue a conversation from within the content you publish.  Everyone on your website should visit every page of your website that is of interest to them regardless of any formal navigation menus you provide.

“If I have to look for a navigation menu then I have become bored with your content.  If your content bores me it is very likely that your website will bore me fairly soon and I will leave.” Will Kautz

Should I stay or should I go all depends on my first impression and your ability to stay in the conversation.

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